I fall in love with alarming regularity.

It can be the way the sun hits the peeling-paint side of a colonial building in a city in Nicaragua, a perfect cloud at an outside bar by a dirty lake pointed out by Jonah, “look at all those colors and only one pure white”. It can be a strange mermaid etched into black clay, or the way an artisan describes her work: shyly, lovingly, seriously, or like a little kid, full of bouncing energy. Usually falling in love is about connecting fully and undistractedly with what I see, who I meet, and what is happening right-now.

For me, it happens when I’m moving from place to place, hence being in love there.  I like the acronym, b.i.l.t., for the way places are constructed and the connections and community that can be built, even in small personal interactions, small moments of falling in love.

Traveling, I love collecting physical reminders of connections I make with people or places. Most of my jewelry is from traveling (Bali, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, Iceland, Bermuda, New Orleans, L.A., NYC). And wherever I go, I love to connect with people who are making things and take a piece of them home with me.

So, now, embarking on new journeys, these are the stories of the people I meet, the objects they make, and the new places that I am calling home.