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Object: Migdalia’s Caballo Vallos, $5

As promised, Migdalia’s Caballo Vallos each have a different face. You can choose (from left to right: Nervioso, Chino, Directo,Triste, Boludo, Tuwani) or I can choose the one that looks the most like you.

They look mighty, but these are really only about 2 inches high.

Caballo Vallos are traditionally used for cooking in Nica. The big ones hold coal behind their faces like a Jack O’Lantern and cook rico meals in the pans on their heads.

$5 each, $27 for the set.

Order ‘em till they’re gone. Items ship when I am home and rested, 25th June 2010 ($3 for US, $10 for Japan)

Objects come with a handwritten and invented certificate of authenticity
Quantities are Limited to What I can Carry
Profits go to the Artisans
Order at katrina@beinginlovethere.com

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  1. Posted December 8, 2010 at 4:36 pm | #

    Can I cop a set? Paypal or mail cash?

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