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Object: The Mermaid is Not for Sale

San Juan De Oriente, Nicaragua

Unless you fall in love with it like I did.  I saw it and kept going back just to hold it  in it’s odd mythical form. I love the way she closes her eyes like she’s floating on a still dark lake and feeling the wind brush by.

On my birthday I came home and found her, floating in a scarf in the middle of the bed, thanks Jonah.

So, if you too fall in love with it,  I will ask Maritsa to make one for you.  And I will ask her if she can wrap it very tightly and send it from Nicaragua, dry and smooth.

  • Objects come with a handwritten and invented certificate of authenticity
  • Quantities are Limited to What I can Carry
  • Profits go to the Artisans
  • Order at katrina@beinginlovethere.com


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