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Objects: Pre-Colombian Ceramics $18-$65

San Juan De Oriente, Nicaragua
Though I’ve watched the process again and again, I still find it magical that such shapes (curving, symmetrical, water-tight) can be made just kicking a wheel and encouraging some clay with your hands. Here are some, made by Alfredo, our papa; and Nancy, our mama, in our house of 8 kids (10 if you count Jonah and me).

$42 Isla of Ometepe Vase

$65 Precolumbian Serpent God Bowl from the Isla of Ometepe

$42, Mayan God Giving Offering

$18 Nancy's Mayan Serpent

Let me know by 7 June 2010. Items ship when I am home and rested, 25th June 2010 ($15 for US, $28 for Japan)

  • Objects come with a handwritten and invented certificate of authenticity
  • Quantities are Limited to What I can Carry
  • Profits go to the Artisans
  • Order at katrina@beinginlovethere.com

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